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Street Parking Sample Workout 1

Posted on March 20 2018

Street Parking Sample Workout 1


– Every 3 Min for 5 Rounds

    • 30 Kettlebell Swings
    • Max Reps Burpee (FACING) Jump Overs

RX Men: 55# KB 24″ish Jump Over
RX Women: 35# KB 20″ish Jump Over

No RX Plus!! Just GO for it!

Score: Total combined Burpee Jump Over Reps


For this workout we want you to be able to go close to unbroken on the swings. This is why there is no RX +. Choose a weight that will allow you to do that.

For the swings the kb will be between the legs. Stand with the bell and then hinge at the hips. Keep the heels down and press the knees out slightly. Keep the back flat and chest up – arms straight – knees slightly bent.

From that hinged over position stand up hard and fast and allow the bell to become weightless. Follow through by pulling up and punching through with the arms. Kettlebell should be locked out overhead at the top.

Allow gravity to bring the belly back down. Keep good positions! Chest up, back flat, heels down.


For the burpee jump over you will do a burpee and then jump COMPLETELY over something! For this specific workout we want you FACING what you are jumping over – so no lateral jumps!

If you need to lower the height to feel comfortable jumping – do that! The goal is to jump over something higher than the barbell at least for this workout if possible.


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