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2020 Julian vs Miranda Challenge

$20.00 USD

Registration NOTES: 

  • Please DO NOT register anyone other than yourself for this challenge. As in, you should only be paying for ONE registration when you sign up. Your spouse, significant other, teammates, etc. need to register themselves in a SEPARATE order --  otherwise there will be issues in team sorting AND ordering the Champion shirt… and no one wants that! 
  • If you are a returning participant: please make sure you select the team you were previously on in 2018/2019. Our sorting hat cross checks all returning members, so if you select a different team, you may create technical difficulties.  
    • Do NOT register NON-SP members for this challenge! 
    • You do NOT need to download Wodify Rise for this challenge. You will get all information about points, tracking, etc. in a separate email after you register. 


    The winning tee is a unisex, baseball style raglan tee... see size chart below! 

    Size Chart