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SP Mamas Postpartum Core Rehab

$95.00 USD

This program was designed to support you through your transition from pregnancy and birth back to Street Parking Shift and Daily programming. It was created as a tool to help you reconnect to and strengthen the entire system of your core. It’s gentle enough to start as early as 4-6 weeks postpartum* and effective enough to use at any stage after birth.

During this 4 week online program we will guide you through specific programming (think 4 sessions per week, 30-40 minute or less sessions) that will lay a sturdy foundation for your muscles, joints, mechanics and nervous system.  You’ll learn how to breath and move in a way that is efficient and effective for your long term health and fitness goals. You’ll discover how to gradually progress from simple, fundamental movements to more complex and demanding forms of training while learning how to continue to make modifications for your body’s specific needs.

Each training session includes: 

  • Core Focus: 10-15 minute warm up and core activation based on the Functional Progression and the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.
  • Workout: 10-12 minutes of strength and conditioning programming that gradually progresses from simple, accessible, bodyweight movements to Street Parking Shift style programming.
  • Maintenance: 2-5 minutes of gentle mobility and restorative stretching exercises. 
  • Detailed movement demonstrations and tips.
  • Suggestions for modifications based on space, equipment, and ability.

To top it off we’ve included access to the 4 week Suns Out Guns Out Mama’s Edition program so you can get your hands on a pair of dumbbells, do something that feels familiar, and have some fun while working through and completing the rehab process. 

Our hope is that this program is the bridge from the immediate healing and recovery of your first 30 days postpartum to the process of building or rebuilding your postpartum body and reaching your fitness goals. 

This program was designed by SP Prenatal/Postpartum Coach, Carolina Stone in collaboration with Dr. Erica Boland of Coulee Health. 

*Each person’s healing and rehabilitation experience is unique. This program is a supplement to your healing and rehabilitation but does not replace the advice of your healthcare team. Signs that you may need more time before moving on may include, increase in vaginal bleeding or sharp pain with prescribed movements. Please check with your care provider and chiropractor or physical therapist if you have an increase in symptoms.